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Top-Grade Cabinets

Cabinetry establishes the feel of your kitchen or bathroom, from classic and sedate to colorful and dramatic. Interior Supply Center can help you design your room and find cabinets that'll match your style or give you a whole new idea of what is possible!

Customized Cabinetry

At Interior Supply Center, we can install sturdy plywood boxes covered with solid hardwood or laminate, in a variety of customized designs and styles of your choosing.

Save With Cabinet Refacing

Consider a cost-saving alternative to new cabinets. Refacing upgrades your existing cabinets with new hardwood doors or with 3/4-inch plywood doors covered in laminate. Your kitchen or bath can be revitalized at an affordable price.

Find the Countertop That Complements Your Space

Countertops complete your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When these two elements work together, your overall design stands out.

Get in touch with us and let our professionals show you how to properly match design, material, color, and texture so that your countertops and cabinets work to deliver a complete and seamless design for your kitchen and bath!
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Your custom cabinets come with a 1-year WARRANTY

We provide personalized attention to our clients, from start to finish. Call us at 808-455-7222 today.
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